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Manifesting Your Dreams into Reality
Starting 9th November 2022 | 8 Week Course | £1111

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Are you ready to Manifest your life to new levels of reality bigger than your wildest imagination

Grab hold of my hand babes and let me show you the way!


Put on your thinking cap, grab your pen and let’s dramatically change and shift your mindset, so you can conquer all your dreams that forever seemed so out of reach!


First of all babes let’s focus on what’s important and that’s learning all the universal laws … yes you heard me right ALL of them ! We all know the first one right? The Law of Attraction- the main focus when most of us start out!


Oh and this law definitely works but the more we learn the more we achieve! 

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Okay, we've all dreamt of being a millionaire right? Or praying we win the lottery?


I've been there done that - let’s focus on the skills to get us there rather than just living in a dream land!


At this moment in time your probably thinking - how can SHE show me a millionaire mindset?

I tell you how because I’ve got one!! I’ve always dreamed of being ‘RICH’ but I don’t dream of being rich any more! I’m creating a life of RICHES!

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Since childhood we have conditioned to think of money as a scarce commodity. We’ve all been taught that money is something we should never openly talk about or pursue because “it’s just not that important.” We’re led to believe that money is a limited resource and so having any more than just enough to get by, is self-centered and greedy. 


This conditioning is what stops us for filling our true potential and leaves us settling for one salary that sucks up most of our time and asking for time off to LIVE OUR LIVES. 

Our beliefs around money are completely out of balance and it's time to do something about it.​

Let’s get Aligned and start taking Action! 

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Let’s start by utilising  the power of the subconscious mind and reprogram your beliefs to take action on your goals from a place of pure alignment by combining manifestation with set clear goals and reach them all so effortlessly.

Burning our limiting beliefs , letting go of our past and using your heart to create those burning desires. 


Your intrigued right? Don’t stop there! There’s more….. 

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Is this Academy for You?

Are you fed up of dreaming your life away and not knowing how to get to where you want? 

Sick of that how them and not me mentality?

Had enough of seeing successful people and believing this could never be you?

Wishing you had someone else’s life?

That could never be me, I'm unlucky!

or are you....

A thriving entrepreneur who wants to take your business to the next level but been stuck in stucksville for so long you believe there is no way out?

Or let’s cut the BS and just say it as it is you’ve had AF full of life and want more!


I've Got You!

 Still Undecided? Take a look at this....

You see I may seem like I know it all now, but I haven't always been that way. 

See that picture? Do you recognise her?
No neither do I....

But that person is me -Broken me, Sad me, the version of Me that's not even Me!

Why am I showing you this? 

I'm showing you this to be authentic, raw and show you anything is possible when you believe, you Manifest correctly and understand all the Universal Laws. 


If I can grow into the version I have always dreamed of then what is stopping you?

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I have designed this 8 week programme to align you with your inner self, strip back limiting beliefs, strip back those learnt behaviours, work on your subconscious mind and start living!

What does the 8 week programme include?

Weekly group coaching calls.

Daily accountability chats with manifestation guides and tips.

A Private Facebook of like minded women for community support.

Exclusively designed PDF documents.

Course Cost £1111 - Based on Angel Numbers

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You know what 1111 means right?

The number 1111 is a number of alignment of the highest order. The number 1, neurologically, is considered “god's number.” It's a representation of the singularity of everything that lives—that it is all one and the same, and it signifies the harmony of that fact.

Join the Abundance Academy now! 

Starting 9th November 2022! 

8 Week Course

Price £1111

Payment Plans Available