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About Coach Fierce

Hi! I'm Nikki, 36 years old! Single parent to 3.

I love travelling and I love food (maybe a bit to much).

Diagnosed with complex PTSD in 2018 

I went from existing to living through manifestation and Law of Attraction.


Hi I'm Nikki!

In 2018 my world was torn apart by the horrific death of a special little girl, who I had the pleasure to call my niece, not by blood but by pure love. My world quickly spiralled out of control, I went from living a normal life to living in fear, anger and pain. I spent over 2 years heavily medicated by the doctor, as well as self prescribing and lost practically 2 years of my life. The pain and sadness was with me every single day and affected every single thing I was doing. I lost the feeling of emotion as all I felt was sadness, I lost the enjoyment out of the simple things I used to love. Everything I did felt like a chore, affecting relationships all around me.


Then Covid hit, this was a pinnacle moment in my change of life. I had been reading the secret for years and years but as I was so heavily medicated my brain was numb, I had no feeling or real connection with the world and certainly not the universe. I remember asking the universe for a sign, a sign that I could get through this, a sign that I was destined for more, I asked the universe to show me a pink car and I mean neon pink and low and behold the very next day I saw a bright pink car! I knew this was my sign, I kept asking for more signs then I heard my 4 year old niece favourite song, Dua lipa 'one kiss' this was my niece working with the universe. Then the song we last sang together, then butterflies, and these were all signs I knew I had to follow it. 

And that I did, I focussed all my energy into manifestation, stopped all medication (this is and was my personal choice and by no means advice to anyone who is on medication) but it was right for me. 

I started to feel again, was I actually starting to live? Yes I believe I was. I have always known I had a calling to help and empower others but this feeling was stronger than ever and I knew the universe had big plans for me!

What Can I do for you?

When looking for guidance / direction in life especially in the form of a coach, you need to see the journey. I know my journey is a powerful one, I am my own story. I have dedicated the past 2 years transforming my own life, studying, reading and dedicated all I have to Manifestation and Law of attraction and creating my own winning formulas. Studying has only made me knowledgeable in my field, my experience has made me a Master. 

I speak from experience, I am relatable, I am powerful as I have overcome these obstacles! I am fearless, as I faced this alone and came out of the other end.


When launching my business I made it my mission to help as many women as possible find their passion for life again, whether that be dealing with Trauma, amplifying a business, finding a dream job or making more money. I created success formulas in all of these areas.

I have created bespoke packages to suit all, from intimate 1/2/1 sessions, Mastermind coaching and Academies, there is something for all here.

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I Found My Fierce - Now lets Find Yours

Now you know my story, lets find out yours and start creating the life you have always dreamed of together, book in a complimentary 15min call with me to start Manifesting.