Hi, I'm Coach Fierce
Female Soul Success Coach!
Focusing on unleashing unstoppable success through mindset & manifestation to create unlisted aligned Abundance!
My souls purpose and passion in life is taking women from underwhelmed and over worked to new levels of abundance they could only dream of.
My Purpose

Originally my purpose to change my life through law of attraction was to take me out of a dark place and ‘try’ get over the pain and hurt I was living with.


Now my purpose has changed dramatically and grown WAY beyond just changing my life. I believe I was put here on this planet to make a massive difference and remind others of their infinite potential.


Today, find your fierce  has helped thousands of women across the globe see massive success in their lives too. Now I live my life like It’s a blessing to wake up each day and witness the lives of others radically transform by applying my proven manifestation techniques that I teach through many methods from my courses, masterclasses, and public speaking events.

I am so glad that you’re here and interested in finding out more about what I do and I’m so excited to hear more about you.

Whether your here to just take inspiration, have a one off call or join one my academies, I can’t wait to witness your incredible success story too.

What I Offer

Chrysalis Creation

Chrysalis Creation is for ambitious women who have a fire in their belly that needs ignition and that are truly READY to make a life changing investment in themselves to have their very own Chrysalis Creation.

Quantum Leaps

121 Coaching

This course is for you if you're commited to investing in your own success and ready to put in the work, you're playing the game bigger than ever and about to make radical changes in your life. It’s time to take control and find your fierce

12 Weeks


Limitless Abundance Academy

Group Coaching

This programme will align you with your inner self / strip back limiting beliefs / strip back those learnt behaviours/ work on your subconscious mind and start living! 

8 Weeks


Client Testimonials

I had such an amazing call with Nikki the other day. Nikki is a very down to each person that knows and understands what a hard time is. Her personality is fire and she makes me smile from ear to ear. She is there whenever you need that lift up. She helps you realise that it's OK to no be OK sometimes. She is kind, caring and just human! She brings positive vibes but is also real and raw. I am happy to call her a friend for life. Thank you for being you Nikki! 


If there’s one thing I can leave you with before we get started, it’s this: Your success is inevitable and you are always on the right path. There is more out there for you and you’ve just barely scratched the surface.

Nikki x